Starting Up an International Operation?

Setting up a foreign site?

Aren’t sure about local customs, real estate, connectivity, talent?

What are the implications of your business and technology enablement decisions?

You are a startup with minimal cash, how do you stretch it and attain your targets when you build and operate? What are the local costs of doing business, procuring equipment, tax incentives?

If you aren’t sure, contact us and we can tell you why Asia is the future. We have operated in Asia for decades. We provide added value, not bloated staff. We are in and out normally in a few days, but give you a picture of what to expect when you ask us. Our past clients have had some detailed reports in a week or two on some complex issues. 

We provide detailed studies and then present them. The business decision of course is always yours. We provide multiple outcomes so you can decide for yourself which is the best route.

We do Build, Operate and Transfer arrangements if so desired. And yes, we have true verifiable references that can attest to our talents, not some gmail account in Nigeria or some LinkedIn profile that you don’t know is real. When you meet us, we can show you around and meet some of our contacts, which can also help you along the way.

We understand the differences of offshoring, onshoring and near shoring. What makes the best sense for you and your operation is key.

Our teams have performed site selection, due diligence, technology assessment, PCI evaluation, HR studies, business formation legalities and other aspects for various Venture Capital firms and other clients.

If you are new to the block, partner with us and save time and expense. We are thorough and add value. We don’t hang around very long in projects, unlike some Big 4 accounting firms out there that may bill for long periods with multiple skills. We keep it short and sweet, because we are busy and have no lack of business. Being efficient saves you money and keeps our clients happy.

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