Our Engagement Cycle

Short and Sweet.

Initial Meeting:

You meet up with us on Skype, because we can do things just as well online and more efficiently than driving or flying to your site initially. We want to understand the Business problem. Then we feed it back to you and see if you concur.

Defining Scope and Terms:

If we agree on a scope of work, engagement length, talents required, and pricing terms and conditions, we engage with you on the evaluation

Named Contacts on your Side are Required for Success:

We ask for named people to work with us on your side to make sure we have the right contacts that understand the business background, issues and can tell us your side.

We can ask Tough Questions, for a Reason:

We send questions in documents for your side to fill out. This gives us the initial picture of what is going on. We also may go to your side and meet with people and explore processes if it is a complicated affair. We may ask further clarification questions if something comes to our attention that may need further explanation.

If it is new technology, we will get a picture of what you do, perhaps take photos of processes and equipment (with your permission of course) to analyze in our environment. We use Dropbox to store documents in an organized manner and you control who sees what, not us. At the end, you remove our privledges and we are completed in our transaction, unless you engage us again later.

Sometimes we challenge you with questions. It is for your own good. You engage us to provide an unbiased, honest opinion, to do this, we may present alternative views based on real world experience. Being open and unveiling your thoughts help us help you. If you want firms with fify cent words but have Ivy League credentials and no operational experience we can gladly point you to them if you desire. Our business is making companies more productive based on what we have done, built, seen, had questions at the Boardroom table… not wasting anyones time or money.

Interesting projects with specified outcomes from the onset are our Bread and Butter, and we have had many.

How we Present what we Find, or Propose a Solution for Your Business:

We produce a draft report for your review, you can check and see if we met your expectations on what was in scope.

We then schedule a meeting after any corrective changes are needed to the draft.

We normally do this virtually, producing a professional slideshow and backup documents so we can illustrate our findings. Remember ultimately, the business decisions are yours. We are there to advise and provide a solution as well as alternate solutions to an issue.

After it is all over:

If there are additional items requiring technology and detailed Bills of Material, then we will set an engagement on that if you desire. If not, our job is complete and we move on to our next client’s need.

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