Our Associates

From Silicon Valley, where the founder spent six years, to Asia, Europe and beyond, the firm has a distinguished list of talents at its disposal.

We are experienced in International environments, operating in Europe, North America, Central America and Asia. It may be a fit for you in an unknown environment.

Our Associates are perfectly content prescribing and solutioning for clients. They however are not for sale.

To preclude recruiters attempting to harvest talent, we will only provide some of their areas of expertise and accomplishments.

Executive Level Talent with Real decision making skills

100 Plus Years Experience with Multiple Talents in this area.

We have a team of people that operated at the C Level for many companies. Former CEO, COO, VP, Directors and others. They are available for short duration assignments but never for hire. If you are looking for a quick turnaround for your organization, we are happy to assist.

If you aren’t sure what your IT shop is doing, we can step in for a day or two and give you an honest picture of the reality of life in your organization.

We also understand the intracacies of BPO operations, QA and the like. Full facet reviews are also available. Want to know how you match up to Best in Breed? Let us take a look. We can ask the tough questions, politely, and give you a snapshot of your BPO Operations quickly. We like to be in and out in a couple days (or nights) max.

However we are not a body shop and do not simply provide talent for long term engagements.

They can run a business for you, in another area of the world if need be.

Networking - With True High Reliablity Design, Configuration and Deployment Experience

50 Plus Years Exprience with Multiple Talents in this Area.

We have expertise in provisioning major Wide Area Network solutions, including firewall security on T1 /E1 up to OC-12 backbones, having been in operational roles in a number of companies. They have designed, priced, built and managed major networks for name brands out there, not just read a book and took a couple exams.

WAN/ LAN / Configuration and Operation

50 Plus Years Experience and Multiple Talents in this Area.

Our expertise in designing, costing and deploying Cisco VLAN environments in a multbuilding campus setup has been essential in keeping clients happy. Our staff has experience in Cisco 29xx and 37xx series equipment at the LAN Level as well as 4xxx, 65xx, 72xx and ONS level components at the WAN level, including configuration and maintenance cycles according to ITIL standards.

Data Centers - From People that Know Data Centers

A combined 100 Plus Years Experience and Multiple Talents in this Area.

We have associates that designed and built Facebook Data Centers, Exodus Data Centers and other world class operations. They are available for design and rollout criteria should you desire them to engage with you. They will design it, build it if you like, and then exit once it is done. How much engagement is up to you.

PCI Compliance

A combined 40 Plus Years Experience with Multiple Talents in this area.

While people throw about the letters, PCI, it really means complying with an established, verifiable set of standards set forth by the Credit Card Industry. PCI/DSS v3 is not a buzzword and it takes a lot of hard work with professionals that have been there, done that. Our team has those experiences and can tell you where your gaps are in your organization. We have associates that have designed, selected the technologies, deployed and operated them. We also have associates on the operational side of PCI, which is just as essential, defining and writing policies to meet those standards. If you are going down the path toward PCI and want to save frustration and time, contact us.

Servers and Storage

A Combined 100 Plus Years Experience with Multiple Talents in this Area.

We have operated Enterprise Storage networks up to 56TB in site in multisite deployments, ensuring that they are always synchronised. We have provided WAN storage environments and maintained them from far away. Some associates have maintained Virtual Machines. Some have architected Virtual Server environments up to hundreds of servers.

Call Recording and QA Systems

Defined, them, installed them, operated them, trained the staff, maintained systems.

We have ran them, we have trained folks, we can tell you if there are challenges and how to solve them. The business decision is up to you.


A Combined 100 Plus Years Experience with Multiple Talents in this area.

Associates have exprience in just about every major PABX on the market, Cisco, Avaya, Asterisk, Aspect, NEC, Panasonic and others, either as an operator or and integrator. They have connected just about every configuration to every location on the planet in a reliable manner. If you want to send a call across a building, or across the planet, contact us for assistance.

Cutting Edge / Bleeding Edge Deployments

15 Plus Years Experience with Multiple Talents in this area.

We have decades of Windows environments, dealing with licensing, Anti Virus, software deployment over a few to thousands of workstations in publically traded corporations.

Virtualization is the new buzzword, as well as Cloud. We have associates that have built high availability, high reliability solutions for many clients.

Apple is the next next thing in the Enterprise. We have expertise rolling out such technologies which have cost savings that may surprise you. Cisco, IBM and others have moved their Enterprises into Apple in the last few years. BYOD (Bring your Own Devices) are scary to some IT departments. We have rolled out these in a stable and secure fashion.

Enterprise Cloud Connections

Combined 60 Years Combined Experience with Multiple Talents in this area.

Public Clouds, Private Clouds, Hybrid Clouds. Our associates have operated all of these for small and large organisations. Learn about the pitfalls of poor planning from operations we have had to fix along the way. If you are exploring the future and Apple comes to mind, get educated on what you can do, and what you may not want to do with their technologies.


Over 100 Years Combined Experience with Multiple Talents in this area.

There isn’t a single area of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) that we don’t touch. From 20 man operations to 20,000 man ones, we have experience in the best of the best out there. Companies that operate operations with revenue of 100 to 500m USD annually. Our associates have been at the boardroom table and had to roll their sleeves up with planning for explosive growth, new sites, site selection, vendor selection, policy and process, transportation hubs, security, and other facets of a full fledged BPO. They are content in this space, it is not a sideline for them. Engage our teams if we can improve your approach to BPO. It may save you millions of dollars in operating costs.

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