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Who we Are:

We are a Services Company that has decades of experience in the Business Process Outrsourcing Industry, building fabulous Cloud Data Centers, PCI Environments, and creating and Operating Organizations of up to 15,000 Employees in a 20B CAD business.

Our clients:

We have represented world class companies technology companies such as Samsung, Verint, Cisco and others. We are the Go To guys for PLDT and Globe Telecom, explaining technology to their key clients. We have evaluated, prescribed and deployed solutions for major banks and other companies. We help BPO’s make sense of the market.

Regarding Banks and Business Process Outsourcing: 

We have defined and deployed technologies, having hands on experience in many areas: Servers, Network, Backbone, Storage, Virtual Display Interfaces, Cloud Data Centers, Call Management and Recording Systems, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance, the whole gamut of things on small and huge enterprise systems. We also completely understand the business side of the equation, and can sit at the C Level and explain why or why something is required, as well as the benefits to the business. We simply don’t look at technology for its usage, we look at technology as a tool and match business need with what is required.

Our Expertise in Cloud Data Centers- Real Engineering, Deployment and Operations

Our team has built 2 major ones, 7,000 miles distant from the operating business. These had a capital spend of over 6M USD and were in 100 percent uptime, complete failover mode, with 15,000 users in Asia, Canada, US, Guatemala and El Salvador connected to them for a desktop and telephony environment, allowing for seamless user flexibility. We operated them and know what the demands are on an organization. Learn from our operational usage and design criteria.

We have operated hundreds of servers in far flung reaches of the world. Large storage in multi site environments, detailed security environments for exacting customer requirements and stood by when the auditors inspected what we had built.

Regarding our PCI Expertise:

In the PCI Arena, we know the weaknesses of a business, having experience operating the environment for the 2nd largest credit card processor and undergoing multiple audits. We built the support environment, procured the tools, and operated that environment for over 2 years in a full production role. Our experience can be used to assist your business.

We perform site selection and negotiate Request for Proposals, we can Project Manage small or huge IT Projects. We understand things from the Executive Level to the shop floor in businesses and will give you unbiased feedback on technology and how it fits your operation.

What we know about Disaster Recovery Services:

Our team has award winning personnel in the Disaster Recovery service space. We defined processes, underwent multiple audits and trained organizations from the ground up. We have provided DR solutions to businesses and have advised 1000’s of business owners.

We not only prescribe solutions, we have operated them too. A quick look and we tell you what is good, and what is a challenge for your enterprise.

We provide Public Speakers and Perform Product Launches:

We provide speakers to various events in Asia. We also evaluate technology businesses to enable clients to make sound transformations when they are acquiring businesses or transforming their current one. We have articles in major newspapers on our speeches to back up our work.

Our Past and Present IT Transformation Projects:

We have built major Google type data centers saving millions of dollars in operating costs with 10x the capacity at half the cost of traditional ones. 

We have prescribed solutions to assist companies define new software in the BPO space. 

We have partnered with major telecoms on new products and services, providing them keen insight into a plethora of business issues. Sometimes creative solutions can be lower cost than the original environment, even with growth factored into the mix.

Engaging with BPO’s we have help them attain a better level of engagement with their clients and ensure that PCI environments are created that make sense for those that need it.

Advisory Services:

We understand startups, having been on the ground floor of many and clients learn from what we faced with sudden growth with minimal capital. 

We advise many in this area, including Venture Capital Firms performing Due Diligence for them.

If you are deciding on opening a new BPO, or expanding one, you may want to partner with us. We understand the landscape, the real estate , the workforce, HR issues, Transportation networks, Backbone providers and technologies behind them. It could save you time and effort.

Inside this site are a collection of what we are and the many things we do.

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